Monday, August 7, 2017

What to Mend When I Meet?

Remember the Meet and Mend, happening in Seattle, Friday August 11, 2-4?
Today I'm packing for the trip, and I need to decide what mending project(s) to take.
This is clearly #1:
Isn't it lovely?
It has a built-in embroidered "necklace"!
Made in Guatemala for the brand Ketzali.
Right now, it's a ruana -- not sewn up the sides! Easy fix!
(I purchased it on Poshmark with full knowledge of my required sewing).

I did a quick photoshoot with other potential mendees...
This I got on Etsy and it was in worse condition than described.
The 10.5" armholes weren't mentioned by the seller -- that size opening only makes it half-way up my right forearm!
(I don't know why some openings on huipils are created for miniature people. I've had this issue before with both armholes and necklines, no it doesn't irritate me too much).
The yarn (barely) holding it together and decorating the neckline and armholes is a fuzzy acrylic.
NOT a fiber I want against my skin in the summer.
Mending verdict? Too much work for this meet-up!
Next is a "scarf" that I got in Marfa, made by Dosa:
It was on sale, and the least expensive Dosa item in the shop, Teinda M [store closed].
Later, in a calmer, non-shopper-frenzy moment, I pulled it out to wrap around my neck.
"This looks like a tea towel."
I love the colors, the cotton fabric is light and soft, BUT, it's just a little too short to wear as a tunic with only leggings.

Mending verdict? Back to the drawing board!
The fourth item is not a garment, it's fabric that I had covering my couch.

I found more of the same in my fabric stash, and have already basted on an extremely large patch.
I'd like to stitch it with colored stripes, like the Indian scarf (on right in photo) that I got at the Fowler last April.
Mending verdict? Take. We're now using a conference room for our Meet and Mend location. That means there will be a large table! I also might be able to work on this during the drive up to Seattle. Not sure if mending while passengering will make me car sick, so that's TBD.

Now I need to find my bag of embroidery floss! ARGH!

The details on the event:
Seattle Meet and Mend
When: Friday, August 11, 2-4pm
Where: VENUE CHANGED! 2720 3rd Ave, Seattle 98121 (Big THANKS to Sherry!)
             NOTE: this is a secured building, and one of us will need to let you in.
Bring: Clothing that needs repair.  ErnieK is bringing "tubs" of notions. 
           Hate sewing? Bring yourself -- we'd love to have you join the conversation!
Cost: FREE!
Hope to see you there! 
If you intend to attend, please let me know in the comments below so that I can trade digits with you for texting, in case one of us is not in the lobby to let you in!

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Every Day In July

Here is the next installment of random things that caught my attention in July.

I have figured out a couple of things which made creating this post super easy:
1) Ability to choose generic locations within the Day One app.
2) AirDrop for transferring the large PDF

What random things transpired in your July?

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Is It Wrong To Match Your Shoes To Your Dress?

I say no!
I'm a titch disappointed that Redbubble printed the sandal graphic on shiny fabric (I don't think my other Fluevog Dress is shiny but I forgot to check this morning). Every lump and bump shows -- I guess I should be thankful that I sized up to 2X. Sigh -- I need more undergarments -- a slip would smooth things out a bit.
See better, up close photos of the sandals here.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Meet and Mend in Seattle
Friday, August 11, 2-4pm

I'll be in Seattle the second week of August.
[Embarking on one of my cRaZy road trips. See my On the Edge blog for details and updates].
I was wondering how to meet up with friends in the region.
Since I had such a blast at last week's mending workshop...
Bella of Citizen Rosebud, ErnieK of Ernie K Designs, and I are joining forces and will be hosting a "Meet and Mend".
What the heck is that? you ask.
Fixing stuff instead of throwing it away! In a group situation!
Same idea as a knitting circle or a quilting bee.
Busy hands and camaraderie!
I thought it'd be a different and fun way to gather people vs eating or shopping.
Mending at CAFAM, 7/23/17
Don't worry about weak hand sewing skills. Bring something that needs a button! (We ALL have some of those, right?) There will be some EXPERTS on hand to help solve your mending problems. ErnieK is promising "tubs" of supplies(!). I'm liberating some fabrics from my stash. 
Please leave the carpentry projects for another day -- we'll be working with our hands on soft goods (fabrics, yarns, etc). Don't bring things that require machinery, nails, hammering, and/or smelly glue.

When: Friday, August 11, 2-4pm
Where: VENUE CHANGED! 2720 3rd Ave, Seattle 98121 Le Merde, 7315 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, 98103
Bring: Clothing that needs repair. Hate sewing? Bring yourself -- we'd love to have you join the conversation!
Cost: FREE!
Hope to see you there!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Slow Clothing and Mending at #CAFAM

Yesterday, I attended two related events at the Craft and Folk Art Museum that I found very transformative.

Here is what I took:
My huipil with the shredded shoulder and a [way too large a] pile of possible fabrics for patching.
Here is some of what I took in:
From Kath and Kim of The Possibility Project
Along with her short slide lecture, Ruth brought along some examples of her Visible Mending to inspire us:
Vest back and detail
Sweater (shown sideways)
I could have sat and stared at Ruth's huipil for a long time...
But it was time to get stitching!
I opted for the panty with a print that I designed and red embroidery floss.
Done! I call this Chaos Stitching -- decisions made in a flash, permission granted to dive right into it.
One of my main reasons for attending was to sit around a table with a bunch of others, stitching.
It was as wonderful as I'd hoped.
Feeling mended!
Final quote from Ruth:

Thank you so much, Kath, Kim, Ruth, and CAFAM!

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